Kazn Pronounced Kay-Zen

I am my own truth.
A truth that is learned everyday.
Truth that is free.

K83=> K+8(ate)+3(E) => Kate-E = Katie



Bronze Dagger

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Medium: bronze
  • Measurements: overall length 23 cm

The handle of the dagger is ornate with a skeleton around which a snake is coiled.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Expertissim

Dani Daniels answers on Reddit. Sept 17 2014

Not just a pornstar. Y’all have your opinions. whatever. She’s such a cool, interesting, inspiring, person. Luv her. LOL 7 & 8. haha I put them in this order.

[–]gabinho 4 points 42 minutes ago 
Do you think long distance relationships can work? .. my girlfriend is moving to another country :/
[–]miss_danidaniels[S] 2 points 30 minutes ago 
I think Love is a powerful emotion, and anything is possible.

[–]occupiedusername 1 point an hour ago 
What is the tattoo on your back about?
miss_danidaniels[S] 2 points 43 minutes ago 
my mother practices Tibetan Buddhism. The prayer is a constant happy memory from my childhood.

[–]leslieshay 0 points 38 minutes ago 
What would be your dream location to shoot a scene? (you are really amazing!)
[–]miss_danidaniels[S] 1 point 24 minutes ago 
The Eiffel Tower :)

4) [–]rm2014 4 points an hour ago 
How many pushups can you do?
[–]miss_danidaniels[S] 5 points 42 minutes ago 
about 4.

5) –]dayofthedead204 2 points 44 minutes ago 
Hi Dani, What are some of your favorite movies? And are you a fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones? If so who’s your favorite character?[–]miss_danidaniels[S] 6 points 34 minutes ago 
Snatch, Original Sin, Old Boy, Sean Connery as 007, Seven, The series Hannibal, Adventuretime, Dr. Who…

6) [–]Magasma1 1 point 26 minutes ago 
If I ever meet you what are the odds of you letting me cop a feel?
[–]miss_danidaniels[S] 1 point 21 minutes ago 
If you grabbaa my body I punchaa you in the face.

[–]SwaggyS 2 points an hour ago 
Who is your favorite pornstar to film with (preferably a girl)?[–]miss_danidaniels[S] 2 points an hour ago 
Cherie Deville, Karlie Montana, Skin Diamond, Maddy O’riley…. off the top of my head.

[–]quintendo5 1 point 23 minutes ago 
Who had the sweetest pussy you ever had?
[–]miss_danidaniels[S] 1 point 22 minutes ago 
Skin Diamond. That shit is like liquid sugar.

[–]TreeTownAdvisor -1 points an hour ago 
Can you tell us a little bit about the daddy issues you’re currently experiencing, and how shitty must a guy treat you in order for you to fall for him?
[–]miss_danidaniels[S] 4 points 57 minutes ago 
That’s so adorable! Did you read that in a big boy book? ;) #troll