Kazn Pronounced Kay-Zen

I am my own truth.
A truth that is learned everyday.
Truth that is free.

K83=> K+8(ate)+3(E) => Kate-E = Katie



It’s a shame we didn’t speak sooner.
Kuz now we’re kissing on our lunchbreak nooners,
And now we’re missing out on midnight spooners,
Or as they call it late-night bloomers, (ya feel me?)
U got my vocals on another level, no auto-tuner.
Kuz that fake shit, don’t take it, Or breaks in, like a rumor,
They’ll talk about for days, From sunsets to sunrise, all in praise.
Your gaze, says more than it should,
“Come over. Lay me down good… all night, alright? ”
Then we drop the bass like we’re poppn car hoods”
Wait !! But it’s more than that…it’s more poetic..

The feel of ur breath, upon my chest ,
Upon everything on me and in me, like a comforting carress,
Those eyes, those smiles, those lips on mine,
and all our shared conquests…
makes me feel thankful and so very blessed.

Like the sins of darkness are harmless,
Saying it feels like heaven, doesn’t come close to it’s context.
“You want this?” They say “Calm ur nerves, man!”
We say “Give in, let me fulfill ur urge” and then…
A surge in the moment ! it hurts for a moment…
It screams! we squeeze! A tease to the next motion.
Our grabs!…our grasps! …our gasps!… all in synchronization…
Our extacy expressed in laughs, need no explainations…

The way we hold each other, after the shiver is gone.
The way u look at me, when I wake and it breaks to dawn.
They way I see you and you see me, passed all our flaws.
The way we make each other feel like gods.
The way we speak bout things, feels so shared.
The way our doubts and fears, become undeclared.
The way we surprise each other, everyday, learning, something new.
The way tying or committing, is now our thing to do.
The way we fought for each other, at the grips.
The way this distance is not a barrier, but a gift.
The way that u’re worth all the experience.
The way silence is truth
and once more, if everything,
sealed w a kiss.

BUT we didn’t talk sooner.
We stand across from each other.
The date and time, protests our future, like torn lovers.
Now, saying ‘bye’ to you, feels like a crime to do.
We’ll say, “I’ll miss you.” Then we’ll kiss too and I’ll lie to you.
Saying, “I’ll be okay. U’ll be okay.” And you’ll do the same.
And we’ll deny the truth. That saying ‘bye’… really hurts, us, too.
Then we’ll count the days…

We should have spoken sooner.

For Rei.


Modern All-In-One Record Console

This modern piece is a flagship of the 1950’s, a time when similar sound systems may be the centrepiece of many houses and whose time, we believe, may have come around again. Each cabinet is individually crafted in the tradition of fine bench-made furniture from solid American Walnut. The metal base is constructed from 1/4” plate steel and hand patinated to create a warm natural finish.

As a piece of furniture the MRC will undoubtedly be the focal point of any interior. The design and execution are only half the story. Lift the lid and expose the hand built tube amplifier and turntable set into patinated steel plates and begin to discover a one of a kind music console that integrates traditional “old school” electronics with modern wireless capabilities.


World Photo Day 2014 

In honor of World Photo Day 2014, ARCHATLAS has put together two photosets of some of our favorite tumblr photographers. We recommend following them ALL. 

From the top:

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There is an ancient Balinese tale of a dragon known as the Naga…he lives in the volcano peaks, protecting the Balinese people by day, before descending into the ocean to be with his love, the Pearl, by night…

In our visit to this magical island, we were able to see the Naga come to life…